As Partners continues to fill a unique space in the education reform community, we also seek to connect with others who are making their own contributions. At our core:

  • We engage in multi-year partnerships, working side-by-side with our school and district colleagues over a 3-5 year period.
  • We focus on existing human capital, working to strengthen the capability of those teachers and leaders who are already in the system.
  • We build the capacity of teachers and leaders to use data to set goals, plan, implement, assess, reflect and adjust in cycles of inquiry and continuous improvement.
  • We ensure that improvement practices are aligned, embedded and sustained across the system by sharing essential knowledge and skills at multiple levels.

We do all of this in service to our mission and for what lies at the heart of our theory of impact: students of color living in poverty who deserve equal access to opportunity through a high-quality education.

Connect with us to learn more, collaborate, invest, or join our team.

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As a philanthropist…how exciting it was for me to see Partners reflected as a core need in the Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) in California. This is a school district saying that Partners is a key ‘partner’ to achieve the vision for success for all students in the district and it is documented in the Local Control Accountability Plans of each district.

Gina Dalma

Special Adviser to the CEO, Silicon Valley Community Foundation