Monitoring and Evaluation

Partners’ monitoring and evaluation work is grounded in our Theory of Impact which states that with consistent, high-quality delivery of our approach, we will build the capacity of teachers and leaders to transform low-performing public schools and districts, driving breakthrough student achievement results.Theory of Impact

Partners’ systematically collects, analyzes and interprets data about our work so that we can answer the following types of questions:

  • Process Monitoring: Did we accomplish what we intended to accomplish?
  • Developmental Evaluation: What are the expected and unexpected outcomes of our new programs?
  • Outcome Evaluation: How are the practices of district leaders, school leaders, and teachers shifting as we partner with them over time?
  • Impact Evaluation: What are the overall net effects of our work across all districts and schools that we support? What are the net effects on the students that we serve? How are we contributing to the elimination of the achievement gap?


One of our central strategies this year was to build the capacity of the instructional leadership and grade level teams so they could own and implement the practices that we know are effective. The Partners approach to that work dovetailed perfectly with our plans and expectations. With the help of their program team, the core of our support to schools was developed and delivered through our Instructional Leadership Teams’ Professional Development offerings, which in turn allowed us to get breakthrough gains. Our Area of 25 schools was the 2nd most improved in the city, and improvement in our target schools, the most challenged places where together we concentrated efforts, showed even greater success than the Area overall. On behalf of Area 9, thank you for your support, ideas, best practices, leadership, and, most of all, your people.

John Mellios

Director of Technology and Assessment, Area 9 Office, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois