What We Do

Our approach to school and district transformation is built on a strong foundation of theory and research, as well as nearly 25 years of experience as an education reform organization. Our staff work alongside our school and district colleagues to achieve significant gains in student achievement as well as build the organizational capacity required to sustain these results. In order to achieve our desired results, we support schools to develop practices and mindsets necessary to accelerate student achievement and achieve educational equity.

We Cultivate Results-Oriented Leadership

We support leaders to deepen their leadership skills and knowledge of instruction, adult learning, and change processes in order to lead the transformation of their schools and districts toward accelerated student learning.

We Develop Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Instruction

Partners’ staff guide teachers to develop greater cultural proficiency, enabling them to deepen their relationships with students, set clearer goals around what their students need to learn, and to deliver deeply engaging instruction.

We Leverage Data to Drive Instructional and Organizational Improvement

We help our partners develop the skillful practice of using data to diagnose needs, inform goals, and monitor the impact of new strategies. Our proven data-analysis tools and improvement cycles empower leaders and teachers to use data to drive their daily practice.

We Build and Implement Robust Systems for Teacher Learning and Development

We help schools design and provide “just in time” job-embedded professional development, substantive opportunities for collaborative reflection and planning, and individualized coaching and feedback.

We Advance our School and District Partners’ Ability to Lead Educational Equity and Improve Outcomes for our Most Vulnerable Students of Color

We empower our partners to be cultural bridge-builders to meet the diverse needs of the communities they serve, particularly those who have been historically underserved and marginalized.

We Support Welcoming and Inclusive Schools

We work with schools to engage families, create and develop strategies that strengthen the school community, and ensure that every family, student, and staff member feels valued and respected.

We Help Our Partners Implement Distributed Leadership Practices

We help sites create structures that systematically develop teacher leadership in ways proven to get results and sustain transformation.

We Elevate Our Partners’ Capacity to Empower Student Agency

We promote practices that have been shown to build students of color’s sense of agency and empowerment.

The one thing I can tell you about Partners is that it will transform your school and the results that you will see for your teachers primarily in their work, and also of course for your students, will be dramatic.

Nora Guerra

Director of Educational Innovation and Development, Oak Grove School District, California