Battle Creek

Battle Creek is a city in the Northwest Calhoun County in Michigan, home to the headquarters of the American multinational food company and major philanthropic entity the Kellogg Company. In the 2014-15 school year, Battle Creek Public Schools (BCPS) served 4,758 students: 58% students of color and 73% eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. At present, 64.5% of students BCPS are classed as economically disadvantaged.

Now into our fourth year of partnership, we continue to provide intensive support for three elementary schools: Post-Franklin Elementary, Ann J. Kellogg and Dudley STEM. Our innovative approach is made successful by partnering with educators and school leaders in Battle Creek who support our goal of assisting African-American, Latino and English Learner students out of the educational inequality poverty trap by improving student achievement outcomes.

Partners engaged, collaborative and strategic approach has created a dynamic framework for academic achievement for our partners in Battle Creek, verified by our exceptional results. During the 2014-15 school year, Post-Franklin Elementary School saw an increase of 9.8% in MAP Reading scores for African-American students. In Math, the school saw a 22.9% increase for English Learners and 16.1% for Latino students.

For more information about working with Partners in the Midwest, please contact William Hill at 888.315.1489 or send us an email.

I see the Partners approach becoming Battle Creek Public School’s approach to the way we do business, so we’re really looking forward to sustainable practices that become a part of who we are as a district.

Kimberly Carter

Superintendent, Battle Creek Public Schools