Public education lies at the intersection of American democracy, national security and economic prosperity. Yet the achievement gap continues to afflict our nation and local communities. On this page, you will find Partners at work through a variety of publications, including academic journals, practitioner journals and other avenues, exploring the impact of our approach, providing thought leadership, and joining the critical conversation on what can be done to create opportunity for all.

Staff Publications and Presentations

Edwards, B. & Gammell, J. (2016, January/February). Building Strong School Leadership Teams Now and for the FutureLeadership. 45(3), 20-22.

Edwards, B. & Hinueber, J. (2015, October). Why Teachers Make Good Learning LeadersJSD, 36(5), 26-29.

Edwards, B. & Hinueber, J. (2015, September/October). Common Core: A Tool for EquityLeadership 45(1), 14-17.

Alvarez, K. & Tamminga, J. “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Emergent Bilingual.” Presentation given at the annual conference of the Michigan Association for Bilingual Education, Dearborn, MI, May 2015.

Edwards, B. (2014, November/December). Essential Practices for Equity. Leadership, 44(2), 30-33.

Alvarez, K. & Tamminga, J. “Best Practices for Serving Emergent Bilinguals in Dual Immersion Programs.” Presentation given at the annual conference of the Michigan Association for Bilingual Education, Dearborn, MI, May 2014.

Rolffs, Deanna & Murphy, Mary Kay. Concrete Steps to Transform Teacher Collaboration for Increased Student Learning. Presented at the AdvanceED Conference of the Michigan Department of Education in April 2014.

Garcia, V., Sanchez, R., Green, T., Sorich, K., Jensen, R. Professional Learning Communities and Collaboration as a Vehicle to School Transformation. Presented at the California Department of Education Title 1 Conference in March 2014.

Alvarez, Kelly & Tamminga, J-Lin. Best practices for serving emergent bilinguals in dual immersion programs. Presented at the Massachusetts Association for Bilingual Education (MABE) Annual Conference for Dual Language Programs, March 2014.

Barela, E. and McCurdy, D. Lessons Learned from Three Urban Middle Schools Engaged in the Turnaround Process. Paper presented at the AERA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2013.

McCurdy, D. & Barela, E. Using a Comprehensive Rubric to Evaluate Teacher/Leader School Transformation Capacity. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association. Minneapolis, MN, October 2012.

Barela, Eric. Building the capacity of existing school leaders to lead transformation efforts: Processes and outcomes. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, BC, April 2012.

Barela. Eric. Lessons learned from creating a performance culture in a school-reform non-profit. [Power Point slides] Presented at the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association. Anaheim, CA, November 2011.

Barela, Eric. Assessing school capacity to implement and sustain effective school-level transformation practices. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, LA, April 2011.

Kidd, J.L., Hinueber, J., & Barela, E. Using Student Achievement and Instructional Walkthrough Data to Inform Teacher Professional Learning. Paper presented at the California Education Research Association Meeting. November 2010.

Barela, Eric. Building and implementing a performance management system to inform evaluation: Lessons learned. [Power Point slides.] Presented at the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association, San Antonio, TX, November 2010.


Partners in School Innovation Approach and Services , Third Edition, 2007.

  • This publication offers an historic overview of the Partners approach and services— a description of the work done in schools and districts to close the achievement gap and why it has worked.

Phillips, Julien.  Accelerating Closing the Achievement Gap Through The Results-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry.(Abridged version.) 2006.

  • This draft is based on Principal Susan Mispagel’s account of Miner Elementary School’s work, given at Springboard Schools’ June, 2006 Best Practice Institute, supplemented by Partners’ co-founder, Julien Phillips’ interview of Poonam Singh regarding Miner’s breakthrough this year, and by Phillips’ own experience in working with Miner from 2003-2006.

Zarrow, Joel, et al. “The Making of a 21st-century Educator. How Do We Get From There to Here?” From Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Ed. magazine, December 1, 2003. Zarrow, Joel, Katherine Barr and Brian Simmons. School Coaching in Context: A Case Study in Capacity Building. Presented at the American Education Research Association Conference, Chicago, IL, 2003. Mclaughlin, Milbrey and Joel Zarrow. “Teachers Engaged in Evidence-Based Reform: Trajectories of teachers’ inquiry, analysis and action.” In Ann Lieberman (Ed.), Teachers: Caught in Action, 2001.

  • This chapter demonstrates how teachers learn to use data to improve their practice and meet educational standards.

Meyer, Ellen. Partners in Action Research. Prepared for the American Education Research Association Conference, Seattle, WA, 2001.

  • The study presented here details the promise of action research as a reform strategy to connect the two levels of classroom and school.

Zarrow, Joel and Kay Moffett. A Kaleidoscope of Inquiry: How Schools Navigate the New Terrain of Practice. Presented at the American Education Research Association Conference, Montreal, Canada, 1999. Grose, Kim. Partners in School Innovation: An Unusual Approach to Change Facilitation.  Presented at the American Education Research Association Conference (April 13-17), San Diego, CA, 1998.

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