Our District Transformation Approach helps create and sustain system-wide results. We partner with districts over the course of 5-7 years to enact deep transformation in specific schools while also collaborating closely with district leaders to shift district systems in ways that ensure sustainability and system-wide impact. Our staff support district leaders to:

  • Ensure that the district operates from a powerful vision and strategic plan
  • Set annual goals for improving instruction and student outcomes
  • Develop systems for supporting the learning and development of school leaders and teachers
  • Improve district data and monitoring systems
  • Empower district leaders to best practices for continuous improvement

In terms of impact, we’ve had significant increase in academic achievement over a very short time. At one point I think we were one of the highest growth districts in the state of California. That happened through a very articulated approach to building capacity, so as Partners exits there’s internal capacity within the district to continue the work. We went from 2 schools over 800 to 14 schools over 800 in the highest poverty community in this valley. That’s significant. That’s compelling. When you have schools in the 500’s go to the 800’s in a matter of a 3-year swing — that just doesn’t happen!

Jose L. Manzo

Former Superintendent, Alum Rock School District, California