Results-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry

Results-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry

The Results-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry (ROCI) is the most powerful means we have found for building schools’ capability for continuous organizational learning and improvement. ROCI is a set of five simple steps designed to support individuals in sharpening their focus on results and developing habits that fuel continuous improvement.

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ROCI also anchors our approach to supporting our school partners to learn and use the essential practices outlined in the School Transformation Framework.

ROCI focuses  everyone’s attention directly on student-learning; stimulates people to learn from their successes and to diagnose and problem-solve their shortfalls; and then leads them to implement their provisional solutions and monitor how they are working. In this way, ROCI engages teachers and other leaders at every level as true learning leaders and, simultaneously, as leaders of sustained organizational learning and improvement.

Finally, our work with school partners unfolds in a series of six phases, each guided by a goal that focuses our work with school leaders and teachers. We guide district and school leaders as well as teachers through a continuous improvement process that involves defining a desired result, planning toward that result, putting the plans into action, and assessing the effectiveness of those actions in order to make adjustments that enable getting closer and closer to achieving a larger vision.