ROCI - Results Oriented Cycles of InquiryThe Results Oriented Cycle of Inquiry (ROCI) is the most powerful means we have found for building organizational capability for continuous learning and improvement. ROCI is a set of five simple steps designed sharpen a focus on results and develop habits that fuel continuous improvement. ROCI focuses attention directly on student-learning; stimulates people to act intentionality, to gather data that enables them to learn from successes and to diagnose and problem-solve shortfalls; and then leads them to implement solutions and monitor how they are working.  In this way, ROCI engages teachers and leaders at every level as leaders of ongoing organizational learning and improvement.



At SFUSD, we doubled-down on our partnership with Partners in School Innovation over a 3 year period. To use one school as a particular example: Everett Middle School was a school no one wanted to go to, it was one of the lowest performing schools in the district. Everett drank the punch, and had seconds. They built an incredibly robust system of continuous improvement; they live, eat and breathe ROCI; they get together in classroom grade-level teams and look at data. Today, Everett Middle School has a wait-list of families who want to send their kids there. It is, for two years in a row, the highest achieving middle school in the district and we anticipate this will be the third year.

Richard Carranza

Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District, California